Our studio has offered a variety of classes, learn to belly dance or exotic/pole parties, bellygrams, entertainment in the art of belly dance, and much more since 1998!

Belly dance is a fun, active way to keep fit, but it is more than just exercise! 


It is a beautiful art form that celebrates a woman's femininity and teaches her to appreciate and own her body. It is a dance that does not discriminate based on body type or age. The more age and life experiences you have, the more you bring to the dance. 

This dance was created to celebrate womanhood!

After years and years of teaching out of other people’s studios, Miabella finally decided to do what her students had been begging her to do for years.  So in the fall of 1998, Crescent Moon Belly Dance Studio opened it’s doors. In the past 20 years 1000’s of women & a few men have danced on Crescent Moons floors.  Some of Dallas/Fort Worth’s top dancers have been created here. Crescent Moon has also sponsored many of the top teachers & performers in our field to teach and perform at events such as Super Belly Sunday & Dare To Dream.  


If you are low on energy or low in spirit, once you walk through Crescent Moon’s doors, all that changes. Every woman who comes to Crescent Moon is a Goddess. We hope you come to Crescent Moon soon & find the Goddess within.