Our studio has offered a variety of classes, learn to belly dance or exotic/pole parties, bellygrams, entertainment in the art of belly dance, and much more since 1998!

Belly dance is a fun, active way to keep fit, but it is more than just exercise! 


It is a beautiful art form that celebrates a woman's femininity and teaches her to appreciate and own her body. It is a dance that does not discriminate based on body type or age. The more age and life experiences you have, the more you bring to the dance. 

This dance was created to celebrate womanhood!

After years and years of teaching out of other people’s studios, Miabella finally decided to do what her students had been begging her to do for years.  So in the fall of 1998, Crescent Moon Belly Dance Studio opened it’s doors. In the past 20 years 1000’s of women & a few men have danced on Crescent Moons floors.  Some of Dallas/Fort Worth’s top dancers have been created here. Crescent Moon has also sponsored many of the top teachers & performers in our field to teach and perform at events such as Super Belly Sunday & Dare To Dream.  


If you are low on energy or low in spirit, once you walk through Crescent Moon’s doors, all that changes. Every woman who comes to Crescent Moon is a Goddess. We hope you come to Crescent Moon soon & find the Goddess within.


Miabella Harrell

Owner, Instructor, Choreographer, & Dancer

Miabella is the owner of Crescent Moon Belly Dance Studio and teaches all the belly dance classes as well as the FAB class.  She began her journey in the art of belly dance 40 years ago at the community college.  Since then she has traveled all over the United States and over seas sharing her love of this dance with 1,000's of people.  Miabella has been featured in many trade magazines and won many awards for her teaching and her choreography.  She was voted Best Belly Dancer in the Fort Worth Weekly.  She is definitely a mover and a shaker in the DFW belly dance community.  

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Gypsy Instructor - Classes Not Available At This Time

Gitane began her studies in Folkloric Middle Eastern Dance in 1994.  When she started the class she expected to be learning the more popular "cabaret" style of belly dance, but instead discovered an "earthier" side of the dance form.  Since 1998, she has been a passionate student of Roma dance and has studied with such instructors as Dalia Carella (World Rom), Eva Cernik (Turkish), Shander Bawdin (Flamenco), Margarita Bruce (Flamenco), Amel Tafsout (Berber/North African), Artemis Mourat (Turkish), Reyhan Tuzsuz (Turkish), and many other popular instructors specializing in Rom or Folkloric dance styles.
She is the director of Indigo Rose Belly Dancing. She and her troupe have performed at many local and out of town venues, including regular performances at the State Fair of Texas since 1999 and returning performer and performer and panelist at A-Kon 25 since 2010.  Gitane's choreography has been awarded First Place and Second Place in "The Choreography Competition" while directing and dancing with Indigo Rose. She is also credited for coaching competitive champions in Rom Dance such as Donita “Toryn of Seven Stitches” Orders, Kingdom of Ansteorra Middle Eastern Dance Champion of the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) 2004 and Brandi Amara Skyy, Miss Diva US of A 2014. Gitane's unique style has taken her across the state of Texas teaching workshops and seminars to dancers who share a passion for her "Romantic" Rom style. Since, 2011 she teaches Rom Fusion at Crescent Moon Belly Dance Studio in Fort Worth, TX.

As well as being a fabulous dancer, Gitane is also a master metal smith. She has a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in metal smithing from North Texas State University. All of her work is original and handcrafted. Many national and international Middle Eastern dance stars have worn one of her custom costumes. She is also well known for her perfectly balanced belly dance swords that have been ordered individually and by troupe. Gitane's inspirations for all of her treasures come from many countries and cultures as well as the hearts and visions of her customers. These translate fabulously into beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art. To see her amazing and beautiful creations go to:  www.facebook.com/GitanesTreasures


                               Children's Belly Dance Instructor - Classes Not Available At This Time

Leila has had a long time love and passion for belly dancing.  She has many years experience teaching belly dance to children, teens and adults.  She loves working with all ages and her teaching style resonates with all.  Children have fun while learning routines with and without props.  There is no pressure on students to do public performances so even the shyest of students can have a satisfying and enjoyable experience.  But for those that want to perform, there are plenty of opportunities.  Leila ensures all the students will get the individualized attention they deserve while in a group setting as they learn to be part of a group.  Her greatest desire is to share and spread her love for dance to even the tiniest dancers.

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