The Crescent Moon Belly Dance Company is our professional dance troupe.

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Make your event sparkle with a dancer from The Crescent Moon Belly Dance Company!

The Crescent Moon Belly Dance Company dancers are trained and experienced in many genres of belly dance, including Arabic, Egyptian, Lebanese, Indian/Bollywood, Greek, Turkish, Spanish Fusion, & Hula/Tahitian. We have costuming, music, and choreography to fit whichever genre you like. Some of the exciting elements that our dancers bring to the show are: fire tray, fire fans, fire sword, LED props, finger cymbals, sword, wings, veils, rolling quarters, and dancing on top of glass goblets.

The Crescent Moon Belly Dance Company were honored to be the opening act for DIFFA at their annual AIDS Foundation fundraiser at the Omni Hotel in 2017.  They have been non stop ever since! They have had the honor of performing at the Oklahoma Zoo, and The Dallas Zoo, TCU World Refugee Day, and The Texas State Fair, as well as many private events.  


We will be sure that your guests are having a good time and they can be incorporated into parts of the show if you like.  Pricing depends on how many dancers you wish to hire & how long they are at the event.  


Please call Miabella or fill out the form below for fees and availability.

Meet the dance company...



Bollywood, Hula & Tahitian, and Belly Dancer

Teaona has been belly dancing for 13 years. She was first drawn to this art form because of its history, culture, beauty, and femininity. She especially enjoys the folkloric styles i.e. Saidi and the fusion styles.

Teaona has studied Bollywood, Bhangra, Kathak, Hula, and Ori Tahiti. Some highlights of her journey have been studying from well know and well respected artists such as Raqia Hassan, Lubna Eman, and Aziza of Cairo.

She is looking forward to learning more about this art form and to keep perfecting her style & technique.


Belly Dancer, Hula Hoop Dancer


Wildfire Tina

Fire Performer & Belly Dancer

Wildfire Tina has been belly dancing for 3 years. She started her studies at a community center while in college and loved it. When she started fire dancing, she felt like the two should go hand in hand and started studying with Miabella.

One of the highlights of her dance career was learning how to balance a sword on her head and having the opportunity for her first group performance and her first solo performance be a sword routine. Her favorite aspects of this dance are the graceful moves and glamorous costumes but the best part is the friendships with other dancers.

In 2017 Wildfire Tina received the Golden Goddess Award at Crescent Moon Belly Dance Studio. In 2018 she was selected to perform with a fire performance team at Burning Man, a world renowned festival in the Nevada desert with 70,000 attendees and she was so well received she is going  back to perform again at the 2019 Festival.


Belly Dancer, Hula Hoop Dancer


Belly Dancer

Dance has always been a passion of Arianna’s. Besides her studies of belly dance, she also has studied tap, jazz, hip hop, clogging & pole dance.

Arianna went to her first belly dance class 2 ½ years ago and fell in love with it. One of her favorite aspects of being involved in belly dance with the Jewels is being able to use her talent to dance at events that raise money for important issues such as autism, domestic violence, cancer, women veterans, HIV/AIDS, and world refugees.

Becoming a Texas Jewel has been one of the high lights of her dancers dream. She plans on continuing her study of music, traditions, and cultures of the different belly dance styles and to continue to share her passion with others by teaching beginners and someday even create and teach choreography.


Belly Dancer, Hula Hoop Dancer


Belly Dancer

Two years ago Za’phar was a bit of a shut in. She was busy taking care of home and family, being a full time student and working part time. She decided she needed to get and do something “just for fun”, get out of the house, make new friends. Belly dance lessons seemed like just the ticket.

When she was younger, she went to the School of Arts and took ballet. But she feels there is nothing quiet like belly dancing. She says the music gives her the energy she needs whenever she is feeling run down and tired after work and school. Belly dance is her red bull, it gives her wings!

Za’phar is also a Golden Goddess Award recipient at Crescent Moon Belly Dance Studio. So far, the highlights of her dance career have been doing her first paid gig which was totally awesome and of course her first solo was an incredible high! Za’phar is going to just keep getting more awesome!


Belly Dancer, Hula Hoop Dancer


Belly Dancer

Shimza loves all forms of dance, but she started belly dancing 4 years ago because she wanted a fun form of exercise and to dress up in beautiful costumes.

As a child she loved dressing up in her familys fancy evening gowns and parade around the house putting on shows. Belly dance gives her the opportunity to dance, be fit, and be gorgeous! Shimza loves connecting with the audience when she dances. It’s the best when the audience enjoys a move, a look, a dramatic moment that happens and they can smile at each other. One of the highlights of her career was being part of a DIFFA fundraiser with so many creative performers and amazing costumes.


Belly Dancer, Hula Hoop Dancer


Belly Dancer

Tara has been belly dancing since 2012.  She had always wanted to learn the art of belly dance because her Grandmother took belly dance classes when Tara was a young child.  When Tara would visit her Grandmother, she would dress up in her Grandmothers old costumes and dance around the house for her family.  It was her favorite thing to do.
Tara enjoys the camaraderie with her dance sisters in the Crescent Jewels.  She has met so many interesting and talented and truly lovely people through belly dance.

When Tara first joined the Crescent Jewels in 2017, her first event was being featured on Channel 4’s “Good Morning Show”.  It was a great start for more exciting events to come.

Tara’s belly dance goals include continuing to grow and learn as a dancer.  In the future, she would like to teach belly dance to other aspiring dancers.


Belly Dancer, Hula Hoop Dancer



Belly Dancer

Cheyenne started taking belly dance classes with her mom 2 years ago. She loves this ancient form of dance that empowers women through movement. When Cheyenne dances she creates beautiful movements that captivates her audiences. She loves meeting other belly dancers and seeing other styles of dance at events she dances at.

She hopes to create a community of dancers of different styles to perform at different venues to show the public what we’re all about. She feels blessed to be a dancer at Crescent Moon Belly Dance Studio along with other great and talented women. And fortunate to have a great teacher who is passionate and patient and makes dancing a joyful experience. Cheyenne intends to continue learning dance for the rest of her life because of the joy it gives her and health benefits it brings her.


Belly Dancer, Hula Hoop Dancer


Belly Dancer, Instructor, & Choreographer

Miabella has been belly dancing most of her life and has studied all forms of middle eastern dance. She is the director and instructor of the Fort Worth chapter of the Texas Jewels, also know as the Crescent Jewels.

Miabella was drawn to this dance form because of the music. The drum beat is her heart beat and the melody is her breath. Being of gypsy spirit, she loves the freedom of this dance form, and is blessed to have traveled all over the United States performing and teaching. One of the highlights of her career, so far, was traveling to Cairo, Egypt to teach and perform in 2012.

In 2006 Miabella was voted Best Belly Dancer in Fort Worth in the Fort Worth Weekly. She has been featured in many trade magazines as well as the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Fort Worth Magazine, and Texas Highways Magazine. Miabella feels that if she can take her audiences minds off of their every day life, transport them to some far away exotic land whenever she performs, then she has had a perfect performance.


Belly Dancer, Hula Hoop Dancer


Belly Dancer & Hula Hoop Dancer

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Belly Dance

Rose has been taking dance classes since 2011.  She is not only a psychology major, she has also taken an interest in different dance forms. She has studied belly dancing, pole dancing, gypsy fusion and traditional Puerto Rican dances.  Belly dancing has become a favorite of hers and she gives her all each and every class. She is very determined and will push herself without limits to achieve her goals. Listening to the music and enjoying the moment is what she loves best about the class. It is like a meditation for her soul. She realized that dancing is not just for fun but it's a way to connect with people and nothing could stop her from making just one other person smile. When she dances she's in her element and it shines through her.  Rosemary is very comfortable and confident with her knowledge of belly dancing but she is always willing to watch others and learn in order to improve her techniques. She hopes to continue learning new dances and performing for others in order to make someone's day a little brighter. She encourages everyone man, woman and child to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. You never know when or where you will find your passion.  Rose found hers... in dance.


     Belly Dancer, Hula Dancer, Children's Belly Dance Instructor & Director

Leila has had a long​ fascination with belly dance.  Although being very she, she took her first steps and got her first formal education in any dance form through Crescent Moon in 2006 as a birthday gift.  Her passion has endured and grown since then.  Going from student to performer to instructor.  

As part of the dance company, her interests with dance has grown and expanded her experience as a performing artist in not just belly dancing, but also gypsy, Indian, hula, and various forms of fusion dance with and without props.

Leila is a vibrant and charismatic personality that enjoys her audiences.  As a professional, she always strives to make every performance as meaningful as her first.  Leila has performed in various states as well as being the first belly dancer to perform in Guam in 2018.  For Leila, performing for the smallest to the largest of venues is always exhilarating.