Having a "Learn To Belly Dance Party" is a great way for "the girls" to get together for a birthday, bachelorette, or divorce celebration.  The class is one hour long & you will learn a short choreography by Miabella.  We all then follow Miabella in a veil dance (each guests will be provided with a veil to use).  Next everyone is encouraged to participate in a "Soul Train" veil dance.   Last, Miabella will pose everyone in the group for some fun photo opportunities.  Each guest will have a hip sash to wear during the lesson to play in, as well as a print out of the choreography & a copy of the music.  A 15-20 minute demonstration can also be performed by Miabella.

Parties can be held at your location or at Crescent Moon Belly Dance Studio.   If held at Crescent Moon, a table can be provided for you to put refreshments and gifts on.

Prices & Booking Information ~

DEPOSIT: A $50 deposit is required to hold your time slot and is due upon booking.
Should you cancel less than one week before party date, deposit is non-refundable.  The remaining balance is due upon arrival at your event prior to lesson.

Lesson/Party at your location:  $200-$250.  
Price may increase according to location.

Lesson/Party at Crescent Moon:  $175.

Lesson/Party with a performance by Miabella at your location:  $300-$350.  
Price may increase according to location.

Lesson/Party with a performance by Miabella at Crescent Moon:  $275.


Contact MIABELLA at crescentmoon1998@yahoo.com or 
call her at 817.229.8172 for pricing and availability.

REVIEW on Yelp by Jeanne R.M

"Miabella from Crescent Moon came and taught a belly dance at a 30th birthday party I just threw for some friends of mine. This was truly the highlight of the party! Miabella was extremely professional, punctual, and really got the crowd into the dancing. It was a great surprise, and to all of our surprise, many of us really "got" it! I'd love to take lessons from her... in the meantime we're thinking about throwing a "belly dance party" for a bunch of us girls. 
If you're looking for a great addition to a party, definitely give her a call. She was fantastic!"

REVIEW via e-mail from Jane F.

"We had a blast!  Some of the ladies told me this was a bucket list item for them. I would NEVER have had the nerve to do it on my own and I enjoyed myself completely.  No one had a bad word to say, everyone loved it and a few of them are considering joining your classes."







If you've already verified an available date with Miabella, and you're ready to book. Please submit your deposit using the link above to PayPal. Thank you!




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