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Hosting a "Learn To Exotic/Pole Dance Party" is a great way for "the girls" to celebrate birthdays, divorce, or bachelorette parties.  Classes are held at Crescent Moon Studio where we have two poles, a nice hardwood floor, mirrors, & great sound system.  The class is one hour long, but Louisa will have you struttin' your stuff in no time.


Pricing Information:

1- 10 guests:  $40 each
11- 25 guests:  $25 each
26- 45 guests:  $15 each
Minimum $300


Booking Policy:  A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking to confirm your time slot.  The remaining balance is due upon arrival to your event.  The deposit holds your time slot as reserved.  Last minute bookings are subject to a higher rate.  Please be aware that multiple bookings for Louisa on any given night are common.  So please plan your party carefully and coordinate with Louisa for your reserved time slot.  Delays resulting in a wait time after scheduled party time will be charged at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes and may result in your party being cut short due to other previously booked engagements on that evening.


To book a Learn to Exotic/Pole Dance Party:
Contact LOUISA at crescentmoon1998@yahoo.com 
or call her at 214-458-7866



"We had the best time having a bachelorette party pole dancing class. We had no idea what to expect - when we drove up we thought we were lost but turns out, we weren't. We walked into the studio we were greeted very excitedly. We started the class very unsure, but it turned out to be such a fun time. She made us feel very comfortable being there and helped us do it all. I highly recommend this class. "

If you've already verified an available date with Louisa, and you're ready to book. Please submit your non-refundable deposit using the link below to PayPal. Thank you!