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Crescent Moon Belly Dance 
By Miabella
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Reviews & Testimonials

Miabella from Crescent Moon came and taught belly dance at a 30th birthday party I just threw for some friends of mine. This was truly the highlight of the party! Miabella was extremely professional, punctual, and really got the crowd into the dancing. 

Jeanne R.
Yelp Reviewer

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I absolutely love this dance studio! Miabella is an excellent instructor. The atmosphere is welcoming, nurturing and most of all encouraging! If you want to treat yourself to a special “ME” time, there’s a class here for you!!

- Cheryl Dawson

Facebook Reviewer

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The instructors here are amazing! Miabella is a master at her craft and she inspires her students to keep reaching. I have enjoyed the sisterhood here. And the opportunities to perform are joyous. This is a great studio with great teachers and students!

- Raquel B.

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Tel: 817-229-8172

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E-mail sent from Gina N. (former student)   "I think I started taking belly dance classes from you about 2004 or 2005ish. I was so excited to find CM after not having done it since about 1976. You knew my first instructor, then found out we were both taking with The Carol Shannon! I had to stop because my then husband didn't like me bellydancing....crazy huh!

You however stuck with it and bellydancing was YOU!

I've always admired you for pushing yourself, and building yourself into a professional. But, most importantly...YOU gave every student confidence in herself. Your patience and perseverance in teaching moves and learning routines, especially in large groups, made you an excellent instructor.

As far as a bellydancer, you are one of the most graceful and fluid dancers there is, and it was always mesmerizing to watch you dance. door closes and another opens!

We all are hurt that you will no longer have your location at CM, you built it into a welcoming environment for all. The landlord is losing a great tenant that fills that building with happiness, talent, and joy. His loss!

However, I'm so happy you will have a new location to spread that same happiness, talent, joy, AND confidence in another location and, more than likely to new people who normally wouldn't have that opportunity or even the thought of "belly dancing". 

Keep spreading your knowledge of this beautiful form of art and history!

You have my full respect and it has been an honor to dance under and with you, and to have had you as a friend. I've meet some of my closest friends at CM, those bonds will never be broken or forgotten. 

I wish you great success on your new adventure! Hopefully, someday, I will get the time and energy to get back to belly dancing with Miabella. 

Blessing to you,"


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